Monday, October 27, 2014

Getting Ready for a Cultural Exchange

Pwoje Espwa Sud is so grateful for our connection with a private school in Massachusetts. For over a year, our Espwa students have been able to participate in teleconferences with Ms. Perkin's French classes. A couple of months ago, we further developed our relationship by sending two Espwa students, Rose and Patrick, to the school to study for one month. They both had a wonderful experience.

As we prepare for our cultural exchanges this year, Patrick is helping the Espwa girls make videos to describe themselves and share some of their talents with the girls from Massachusetts. Friday afternoon we spent time with the girls as they prepared what they would say in French and practiced some of their best songs and dance moves.

This exchange is a wonderful opportunity for them to talk about themselves and to learn more about life in the US. It's also a wonderful outlet for the girls to share some of their talents with peers their own age in the states. We will continue working on the videos this week and look forward to connecting with the girls from the US soon!

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