Thursday, October 23, 2014

Meet Madame Etienne

Meet Madame Etienne, our psychologist. Madame Etienne has been practicing child psycology since 2008, and came to work for Espwa this past May. Madame Etienne meets with children individually, and in group sessions in her office-- a colorful, comfortable space reserved for relaxation and reflection in the Espwa clinic. Her objective is to help the children find healthy ways of confronting their problems, as well as develop positive social habits so they can improve their community and live together in harmony. 

She says the most common problem she sees among Espwa's students is loneliness and lack of personal attention and affection from others, which often grows to affect many other aspects of the children's lives, such as their performance in school. She emphasizes the importance of our volunteers, staff, house moms, teachers, and mentors to create a loving family for the kids, and always remind them that they are special and loved. With so many children Espwa certainly has a culture of sharing, everything from toys to attention, and the children rarely have something of their own to cherish. That is why we are so grateful to have Madame Etienne giving them the individual time and attention they need, and helping to ensure their mental health and overall happiness at Espwa. 

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