Sunday, November 23, 2014

Positive Pen Pals

Six of Espwa's teenage girls are participating in a brand new pen pal program. The program was started by friends of Espwa, Kate, Suzanna, and Hilary, young professionals living in Washington DC. The program envisions a world where young girls all over the world are not afraid to pursue opportunity, can realize their full potential, and are empowered agents of positive change in the community around them. 

The letters provide an excellent mentor-mentee relationship between these women in the United States and our aspiring young girls at Espwa. Last week, the theme of the letters revolved around setting goals, where participants created a personal goal, planned the steps needed to achieve it, and anticipated challenges that might occur along the way. The participants were able to discuss the results of these plans face-to-face through a video chat. 

There were smiles all around as each girl shared the process of reaching their goal. Whether they achieved it or not, each person got a round of applause for their effort, and some positive reinforcement to make the goal more possible. These relationships are so important to young people at Espwa as they begin to form their identity, foster their values, and harness their passions. 

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