Sunday, November 2, 2014

Visiting Doctor to Espwa School in Camp Perrin

This week we were able to send our wonderful volunteer, Dr. Jerry, to Camp Perrin. Espwa has a satellite school there that caters to over 400 children. The school does not have the clinic or medical staff that we do at Espwa and are unable to see a doctor regularly when they are ill. Dr. Jerry's visit was a great opportunity for many of the sick children to get free medical treatment.

Two of our Espwa graduates, Kens and Julnor, visited the school that day with Dr. Jerry. They were instrumental in helping to translate between the patients and their doctor and got some hands on experience on the ground in the medical field. Julnor hopes to attend medical school in the United States some day and train to become a surgeon. This kind of shadowing experience is invaluable to him as he pursues those goals.

We are so grateful to Dr. Jerry for everything he's been able to do during his visit here. We are always looking for opportunities like this for Espwa to do outreach in the community in Camp Perrin.

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