Thursday, September 24, 2015

Don't Lose Your Marbles!

Although there is no television or Internet to fill the time after school and on weekends, many of Espwa's kids creatively find ways to spend their time. In any visit to the boys village, you are likely to find kids playing soccer, studying, and playing games with whatever materials they can find. 

One of the more popular games in the boys village is marbles. 

With 2-4 players, the boys first draw a circle around a group of marbles. A few feet from the circle the boys then draw a line in the ground. To determine who goes first, each player, standing near the circle, takes a marble and tosses it towards the line. Whoever has his marble closest to or on the line gets to go first.

The first player stands behind the line and flicks a marble towards the circle of marbles with the goal of knocking other marbles outside of the circle. 

The player continues to throw his marble towards the circle until he is unable to knock a marble outside, and the next player begins his turn. Whoever knocks the most marbles out of the circle wins! 


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