Sunday, September 6, 2015

Thanks Mike and Dan!

We are so thankful Mike, part of Espwa’s Assessment Team, and his friend, Dan from Florida, made a last minute trip to Haiti to spend their Labor Day weekend! They have spent their time surveying Espwa’s property identifying needed maintenance projects and focusing on the water quality.

Over the last three trips, Mike has been working on building a database to record the water quality around Espwa’s campus and to help identify ways where it can be improved.

Additionally, Mike and Dan are taking GPS coordinates using a Geotab G07 GPS device to create a surface map of Espwa’s campus to help in long-term infrastructure planning.

To create a consistent electricity and water supply in a country that is plagued with inconsistencies, Espwa relies on a complex infrastructure system. Maintenance and upkeep of this infrastructure is critical to ensure it works properly and is cost-efficient. 

We are thankful for the dedicated team of volunteers who lend their expertise, time, and energy that makes Eswpa run!

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