Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Haiti's Drought

Haiti is currently experiencing one of its driest summers on record. Due to a severe lack of rain for the second year in a row, people across Haiti are having to cope with the many impacts of a decreased water supply.

Many of the jobs in the Haitian economy rely on agriculture. With a decreased water supply, crops are faltering, providing less food for farmers to sell in the market place and to provide for their families.  This inversely increases food prices when the demand is high and production is low.

The effects of the drought can be seen across Espwa's grounds and in Les Cayes. A river that once  sprung up from Espwa's property has completely dried up. Livestock owners are finding it increasingly difficult to find a suitable water supply for their animals. Families are finding themselves bathing, washing their clothes, and gathering drinking water for their children all from the same open hole in the ground.

To compound the problem, the Haitian gourde has significantly depreciated over the past few months, causing food prices to increase, making it even more difficult for people across the country, many who live on less than $1 a day, to be able to afford enough food for their families.

Thanks to our supporters, Espwa is fortunate to remain a place where meals are still served three times a day and our wells are able to provide a sustainable supply of water. However, the impacts of the drought and rising prices are still undeniable at Espwa and provide a stark reminder of how challenging life in Haiti can be.

To learn more about how Espwa provides necessary resources for hundreds of children and to learn how you can help visit www.freethekids.org.

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