Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Happy Birthday Father Marc!

What a special day it is indeed! Today we celebrate the birthday of Father Marc who is the founder of Pwoje Espwa Sud.  The love that Father Marc has poured into Espwa is evident everyday; we find it in the smiles of children, the handshakes between staff members, and the overall family environment on the compound.

We honored the special day in the Quad with food and fellowship. The kids, dressed in their very best, enjoyed the special meal.

Little Ferlando trying Sprite for the first time. Mmmm!

Sonia, Charles, and Adeline - our cooks for the celebration. Big thanks to them for their hard work! 

Tama helping little Rose Andrèe eat the special birthday meal.

Check out what's in Sara's hand; she's loving the chicken!
Happy birthday Father Marc! We love you!  

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