Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Prayer Request - Rose Andrèe

Today we reflect on the generosity of our donors and ask for your prayers.
This morning, Espwa’s youngest is traveling to Port-au-Prince to be seen by specialized doctors at a children’s hospital. Since her arrival at Espwa in August 2016, 2-year-old Rose Andrèe has struggled to breathe and talk due to an unknown problem with her throat/chest. She could not yet walk and her feeble “bark” as she struggled to inhale could be heard throughout Sunday services.

Dr. Chris Powers, a devoted pulmonologist, worked in Espwa’s clinic in March when he first met Rose Andrèe. Upon returning home, Dr. Powers reached out to his network of medical practitioners and made a connection with Haiti Cardiac Alliance, an organization that works with local organizations and health care providers to deliver life-saving cardiac surgery to children across the country. His hope was to create an opportunity for a 12-year-old boy he had met in Les Cayes to receive a heart surgery he desperately needed. Before his appointment day arrived, the young boy died peacefully. Despite the unnecessary loss of one young life, Dr. Chris did not lose hope for the future of other children who touched his heart during his visit to Espwa.

With the generous help of Dr. Powers and Haiti Cardiac Alliance, Rose Andrèe is now being accompanied by an Espwa nurse and house mother to an appointment in Port-au-Prince. In a country with a poor and often inaccessible health care infrastructure, connections like these are critical in providing medical care and hope for children in Haiti.

We ask that you pray for their safe journey and for a successful consultation. While our cheerful little girl has come a long way over the months – she is now walking confidently and giggling often – we hope to ensure that she will have a happy and healthy future. It is the generosity, service and love of our donors that make these opportunities possible. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you.

We are keeping you in our hearts today, little Rose Andrèe!

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