Monday, May 8, 2017

Prayer Request - Mr. Albert

Today we ask for prayers and good thoughts for dear Mr. Albert.

Mr. Albert works with our liturgy department, giving religious formation lessons to our kids and preparing for Mass every week. We often find him in the Quad chapel, with his glasses sitting on the edge of his nose, collecting and organizing programs for the upcoming Sunday Mass.

Last week Mr. Albert had a stroke. He is struggling to use his right arm and is only able to speak out of one side of his mouth, but he says with exercises he becomes stronger each day. Seeing him in this state - using a small round fruit to stretch his right hand - is a reminder of the privilege we have in the United States where medical care after a stroke is much easier to come by.

Mr. Albert’s spirit is definitely wounded. After a visit to his home yesterday, where Matante, Prosper and others prayed over him and sang with him, he described that his main concern is coming back to Espwa. He misses working with the kids and being around his second family. Matante reassured him, “You’ll be back soon.”

Matante, Albert, Prosper

Please send out prayers for this wise member of our family, whose dedication to our children and to his faith is an inspiration to us all.

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