Wednesday, June 1, 2005

Some VIPs for you

There's much good work being done here and that takes good people. Below are some key staff members who are the heart of Pwoje Espwa. I have been blessed with these committed people and appreciate them very much. Let's applaud them for the great help they are giving their younger Haitian brothers and sisters.


  1. pwoje espwa is inspiring. Meeting the children- playing with them, getting to know them and hearing their stories made me see what a difference the orphanage has made. I applaud Father Marc and everyone behind the organization for doing what they do!
    - Johanna

  2. I second Johanna's applause. Thanks to all for the wonderful hospitality, and to God for this work. Theo's Work has quickly inspired everyone whom I've told about the orphanage and village. And the web site looks great; I don't know what Nick was talking about.

    With best regards,
    Dan Whitley