Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Much happening these days

Wish I had photos to share with you about the big move but the battery in my camera decided it needed a day of rest. It was an exciting thing to watch the kids pile into the bus with all their possessions (most of them carried a small trash bag that contained clothes, toothbrush, a toy or two). They sang all the way to Castel-Pere and, once there, hurried to their assigned rooms. I've never seen to many smiles in one place.
We are busy at the vilage. The Sixto2 is practically finished just waiting on cabinets and a few windows; the foundation for the new school has started; the second floor on the Quad is coming along; fruit trees are being planted; the new neighborhood has been situated and the blocks are being prepared for construction; the kitchen needs to be larger so we are knocking down a wall and building an extra room. The following photos only hint at all the activity taking place. All this would not be possible without your help and we are very appreciative. God bless.

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