Thursday, June 30, 2005

Once the contents were removed, the container was unceremoniously dumped on the property and our local [antique] tow truck pulled it to its new location. What I wouldn't give for a crane or a decent backhoe or heavy-duty forklift ! Posted by Hello

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  1. When you experience first hand the back breaking work that these boys are experiencing you lose all sense of decorum and just yell help!! The boys are working with pick and shovel to dig the footings for the elementary school.They have been working for weeks and have only completed on e section for the foundation.

    It would be so much easier with some heavy equipment like a backhoe. Anyone our there have one they can spare???

    After they finish the school they will start work on the guest quarters and the estimate for digging these footers is around six months and that is not counting the interior walls.

    You won't believe the blood, sweat and sometimes tears that I have experienced in the last week. The teens are working so diligently to provide a school for their younger brothers. They know what cooperation and community is all about.