Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Daily occurence

Front: Fery, Bertho, Bonhomme, Placide, Berthony, Woosman
Back: Makentoche, Feguens, Dieufaite, Jean-Robert

Every day the small clinic at Castel-Pere sends some of our kids here to LaMadonne for lab work or dental care. We have to get them over to the lab or dental office. You can see why having our own lab to determine if they have malaria, typhoid, parasites... would be to everyone's advantage. We are working on getting a small dental clinic so that we can catch the cavities before extraction is the only option.


  1. look at those beautiful smiles! i miss every single one of them so much! tell jean robert and fery i said they are growing too fast. they will laugh because i tell them that all the time.

  2. and tell placide my pink crocks look good on him! haha!