Thursday, September 25, 2008

Hello Jamesly

Jamesly showed up at our gate last evening. He's 12 and was living with his handicapped grandmother who cannot help him. He desperately wants to go to school so he decided to leave St Jean and seek a family that needs a restavek. His hope was that this family would send him to school. Upon arrival in Cayes, he asked around for a family that could use him and was directed to us. Jamesly is articulate and knows what he wants. We'll process him today, verify the situation, visit his grandmother and most likely take him in. Wouldn't you?


  1. Absolutely!

    What a brave kid.

    Barb in Las Cruces

  2. God Bless the family he encountered who understood the purpose of Espwa and told Jamesly to find you. This is another success story - the community knows how to help the abandonned kids by telling them about Espwa children's home and school.
    His determination will get him through life. Keep us posted on his progress.

  3. Thankyou God for not letting this child end up someone's slave. Unfortunately the reality is that that life would probably not have led him to education and success.

    If only you could help all the children, better still God help the country and its people so that all the children can know the love and support of their families as this will help wipeout child slavery.

    In the meantime thanks for being there 'Pwoje Espwa'

    You would think I was religous reading this, which I am not by the way, but stories like this sure give me faith in God.


  4. What a strong boy! I wish my arms could reach all the way from North Carolina to Haiti to give him a great big hug! Thank God he found Espwa.

    God bless you Jamesly!

  5. I would take him in! I sure wish it was possible to adopt some of these sweet children. The agencies make it a horrible, long drown out process. God bless you for caring for these beautiful children!