Monday, September 22, 2008

For what it's worth

Some might think that all is well here if they only see the blog on occasion. There are a lot of problems here on all levels. Crisis is followed by crisis. Fuel and food costs keep climbing. There are more roadblocks than roads, it seems. But the people are hard working and always hopeful. The children are just like kids everywhere in that that they have their bad days and good ones. We can get caught up with overwhelming negatives that surround us or delight in the positive. I choose the latter. The poor are everywhere; the hungry surround us. We can hear the wailing at night. But we are here to help, to understand, to encourage. This blog serves to give you a glimpse of the beauty, talent and courage of our Haitian brothers and sisters. The mass media has another agenda. There are too many negative images of Haitians in the mainstream media and so here we are.


  1. You should invite your readers to visit and not let the media reach a verdict for them. I am hopeful that I will get to come in the Spring. :)

  2. The disaster pictures of Haiti (only published when there is a huge crisis) in our newspapers are never followed up with stories of hope or even of ongoing efforts to help Haitians. Thank you for this blog, which chronicles real stories of progress and love.