Thursday, September 18, 2008


Mother Theresa's sisters came to see me tonight, asking that I go with them to baptize an infant at the general hospital. The child was born two weeks ago and was abandoned by the 15 year old mother when she saw how sick he was. He is hydro-cephalic and his chances of living are slight. The sisters asked me to baptize him before they took him to their home, LaCharite. He was never named so I baptized him Daniel. Please pray for this tiny little boy with a monstrously huge head.
The sisters quickly started to prepare to transport him, lifted him gently while singing softly to him. The small mattress was soaked with urine and covered with minuscule ants. Daniel's underside was raw from their bites. As the sister held him to herself I saw a hint of a smile on Daniel's face. It was probably the first time he was held by loving arms and hands. Thank you, God, for these devoted sisters who are an example for the rest of us.


  1. Those sisters are "Heaven Sent!" God bless Daniel.

  2. Have been following your blog since I heard about your work in Haiti several weeks ago. I was struggling to decide whether or not to come for a visit, until I read about little Daniel. My son Scott also has hydrocephalus. I'm taking a leap of faith that he'll be fine while I come to Haiti. Can't wait to meet all of you in Jan. with Dee. Sue, MN