Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Prison Update

Doctor Jerry came to the prison yesterday afternoon and saw Jonas, drew some blood and we brought it over the the local lab for analysis.  Picked up the results this morning and found that the lab did not do the right tests so we are back at square one.  Cheesh!
There are nine diagnosed cases of cholera among the prisoners and two have died from it.  The Inspector, head honcho, asked us to provide training and prevention for his staff and the prisoners.  The head of our Outreach Program on AIDS Prevention, Djerline Clerge and Paige will organize this.  We'll also be providing treatment but the place is perfect for the spread of such a disease-- a bucket in each cell for a toilet shared by as many as 30 inmates, no sinks in the cells to wash their hands, not enough space...
We'd like to provide each inmate with a personal hygiene kit for Christmas that will include: soap, shampoo, lotion, Q-tips, toothbrush and paste, deodorant and a washcloth.  Cost per person is $7.00 and there are 460 inmates.  Can you or your organization help?


  1. Where can we send a check earmarked for the prison inmates?

  2. Most important is handwashing with clean water after toileting and before eating (and hopefully the food is not tainted) - the other things (shampoo, etc) will not change cholera infections or outcomes. Any way to get clean water to the prisoners?