Monday, November 1, 2010

Tropical Storm Warning

The internet tells us that Tropical Storm Tomas is heading this way.  After the Mass for All Saints this morning we held a meeting with key staff to start preparing for it.  What scares me is the flooding that will happen if there's a lot of rain and, of course, that is predicted.  We'll be moving the children to higher ground, purchasing extra food and fuel to see us through this potential disaster and doing what we can to secure our buildings, animals and vehicles.  We'll also be doing some more training to prevent the children from drinking bad water and make sure we have plenty of treated water available. 
Your prayers are much appreciated!


  1. Rest assured that prayers are heading your way before Tomas gets there!

  2. We're all praying for all of your safety, and hoping we can still come down next week. We just need another little miracle. God bless, Sue