Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Carpenters bringing the closet they just finished to one of the children's homes.  They've been doing an excellent job.


  1. Hello Father Marc,
    This is Serra Catholic School from Orange County, CA. We think what you are doing is great. It's wonderful that all the volunteers are helping. Thanks for helping all the people in need. We know that God really appreciates what you are doing for all those wonderful children. We think it's great that your kids are getting new closet!
    God bless Pwoje Espwa,
    Serra Catholic 7th Grade Class.

  2. I was doing some research for work(I sell a handheld technology that assists charitable organizations holding silent auctions or fund a need campaigns) and I wanted to say I find your mission truly admirable. It is heartbreaking that people can abandon their children and if there were not people like you in the world to take care of them there would be no hope. Thank you for all that you do. I will be donating to your cause.

    Melissa Merriam
    BidPal Networks