Wednesday, February 9, 2011

S2H team

A Shelter2Home (S2H) team heads home after a long day building a home in the area.  Two small homes are being built locally to assist families who are victims of the massive earthquake of 12 JAN 2010.


  1. You say "small home" Are these one-room structures? Are they simply 4 walls and a roof or do they have any amenities at all. Compared to what so many call home I'm sure even a one-room safe and dry enclosure is welcome, but it would be interesting to know a little more. Same goes for the news girls houses. Would love to see pics of the inside of one.

  2. Will provide indoor shots at some point. The small homes that S2H and Cross International are building have two rooms, are earthquake and hurricane and termite proof. They are also much cooler because they have some insulation and a vented roof. No, they don't have electricity or plumbing. The costs would be prohibitive and most families do not have those amenities.