Friday, February 25, 2011

Vaccination Day

Today was a teacher training day in the primary school, which meant a "no school day" at the Espwa Primary School. 
Dr.'s Larry and Danielle Mutty (assisted by Rose Marthe and Linda) used the day to their advantage and were able to vaccinate over 200 of our resident children.  Our newest children received their first DPT shot, while the rest of our children received their polio vaccination.  All of the vaccinations are updated in each child's record and stored in our medical clinic. 

A group of children who have finished their vaccinations, but insist on hanging around to watch the "show".  Surprisingly, there wasn't much to see, as we only had one of our little girls cry.
Jean Claude receiving his polio vaccination from Rose Marthe.  He was a little nervous, but quickly forgot about the prick when he saw that he was receiving a candy treat. 

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  1. here's to the universal healing power of candy!