Friday, February 11, 2011


Esthere Phania BienAime (eight years old) and Wisterlie BienAime (not sure how old as she has no birth certificate) are the youngest daughters of 35 year old Laurette Valentin who is homeless, jobless and near hopeless. The small family was living in an abandoned car, then a small shack by the side of the road and finally in a small broken down shanty house. Neighbors were helping them with food and essentials such as the pretty, white dresses the girls wore this morning which were made by a local tailor using some sheets. A neighbor begged us to take in these little girls so that they could eat regularly and attend school. The mother, a widow, was interviewed this morning by our Child Care Director, Bernonie Rochelin, and the Executive Committee will make a decision based on her recommendation. Chances are you're looking at the two newest Espwa children.
It is our hope to develop an Outreach Program that could help families like this stay together but we don't have the resources now to finance housing, job training for the mother, scholarships for the girls in an outside school while keeping food on the table until mom gets a job (if ever). By the way, the girls' family name "BienAime" means "beloved".
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  1. The work Pwoje Espwa does is incredible. How much does it cost per year to support each child?

  2. We are developing a sponsorship program for our children, our students, external children and families and will announce it here on the blog in short order. Stay tuned.