Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving

The other day I was out visiting the new twins, Hebreaux and Hebreauson; they're growing older, gaining weight, getting more social and inquisitive. It was only a few months ago they were wasting away on a pediatric hospital bed, unresponsive and ravaged by malnutrition. At one point it looked like we were going to lose Hebreaux - a lot of breathless prayers and anxious hand-wringing that night. And yet today, here he is:

It's amazing, how having a little food makes the difference between life and death. Here's his brother, Hebreauson:

Nutrition, affection, a place to grow, a place to learn, a place to be loved... every child should have these things in their lives, but the reality is they're in short supply in Haiti.

All the more reason to be thankful here at Pwoje Epswa - thankful for the kids, thankful for our staff, thankful for you our supporters, altogether just thankful that we're still here. With the financial crisis, the shortfall in donations, and the challenges we've faced this past year, our situation is far from ideal. But the support that we do have, here and now, has enabled us to stand strong, move forward, and continue making the difference between life and death for children like Hebreaux and Hebreauson. And that's something we'll never forget.

Thank you.

(here's a picture of Jamesly smiling, because why not)

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