Friday, November 1, 2013

Prayers Needed - Evenson

You may remember Evenson - several months ago he was severely injured in a bad motorcycle accident with significant head trauma. He was sent to a Port-au-Prince hospital for two months, where they operated on his head and leg. Since then he'd returned, come back to school and generally made a good recovery.

But this morning he presented at the clinic with weakness, a bad headache, and some very troubling neurological symptoms. What's worse, earlier in the day he had fainted and last night he'd hit his head. With his symptoms and history, Dr. Jerry, our visiting pediatrician from Alaska, tells us the only responsible course of action would be to have Evenson get a CT Scan - as these could be signs of a blood clot in the brain.

Unfortunately, the only CT scanner is in Port-au-Prince. We're sending Evenson there, several hours away, for the procedure. It's an expensive process, and we're spending money we don't have, but we have to do this for the health of our kid.

Please join us in prayer, that he be alright. If you're feeling generous, please remember us - in your prayers, tell a friend, forward a photo, make a donation - it all helps.

Thank you and God bless.

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