Friday, November 15, 2013


Yesterday Dr. Jerry, our visiting pediatrician, flew back home to Alaska after spending a month with us. Before he left, administrator Shedza and Directors Berthony, Nancy, and Enlod (Shedza and Enold are pictured here) came to the Quad to express their gratitude for Jerry's years of service at Espwa - he has been a very long-time supporter. They also wanted to ask his opinion about the state of our medical clinic.

It was a nice parting and a good discussion - particularly about the areas for improvement in our health program. Our beautiful new clinic facility gives us a great deal of potential to serve our own children and the surrounding community, but without someone to organize and coordinate a lot of things end up falling through the cracks. So moving forward, the need for a clinic administrator is always on our radar, and in the meantime we're aiming to improve communication about the medicine we need in our pharmacy.

Thanks for everything, Dr. Jerry-


  1. Thank you, Dr. jerry for caring about our kids!

  2. Dr. Jerry,

    You were leaving just as we arrived. Sorry we couldn't get to visit more. Bless you for all your efforts at Espwa.