Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Patrick and Rose

Rose and Patrick are our two students who will be attending a summer enrichment program at a college prep academy in the US next August. This is possible thanks to our friends and supporters in MA who have worked to make this opportunity available, particularly Marillyn and Jill.

I got a chance to sit down with these two after school today; they are looking forward to traveling abroad. Patrick has lived at Espwa since 2004 and is currently in his last year of secondary school, called Philo here. He is taking his classes at College St.-Jean in town, as Espwa secondary school does not have a Philo program. Rose lives in the village of Madame-Combe, just outside our front gates. She attends school at Espwa and is currently in Rheto, the third year of secondary school. They are both very sharp and diligent students.

Their class loads include Chemistry, Social Science, Math, Physics, English, Spanish, and Biology (both their favorite subjects). In addition to that, Rose takes Literature and Patrick takes Philosophy. They would both like to become doctors in the future, Patrick a psychiatrist and Rose a cardiologist.

I'll be seeing more them; as the time draws nearer to their trip they'll be coming by to practice English at the guest house and and get used to American customs. It's an exciting time.


  1. Which prep school is it?

  2. This is great. Can't wait for them to be here and thrilled that they are working so hard. Keep practicing that English! Marillyn

  3. Congrats Rose & Patrick, This proves that Espwa makes winners if people get half a well...doc Jerry