Tuesday, January 14, 2014


Last Sunday we held the baptism of twelve children in the Espwa community, to celebrate the feast day of Jesus' Baptism in the church calendar. Most of the children were our own little ones, including these very familiar faces:

Sony, here with Erchelle.

Hebreaux, held by Rebecca

Sonice and her house mother.

Hebredson with his mother, who is visiting for the occasion. She's happy to see her child so healthy.

This little mischief-maker, who cleans up quite nicely.

Jakson and Matante. Jakson isn't being baptized today, but still, it's a cute photo.

The blessing of the godfathers. See anyone you recognize?
(the man on the right is Deacon Bill, visiting from GA - he was deputized to help with the liturgy)

Hebreaux's baptism.

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  1. How precious! And, look at our own Deacon Bill! Praying for everyone at Espwa...