Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Sewing Machine

This week we have a group of old friends from SC visiting us. They've come bearing gifts - first of all a great sense of humor, but also some much-appreciated material help for the project:

From left to right - Ronnie, her husband Michael, and his sister Gwen. The head of our tailor shop, Sajine, stands at the right. This year Gwen, a returning visitor, asked her family to forgo Christmas presents and donate the money they would have spent to Espwa. They all hopped on the idea, made the sacrifice, and now they've brought a new sewing machine and a donation for the tailor shop that will go towards much-needed supplies and repairs. Another new sewing machine was donated by a supporter in SC in honor of her family. Thank you!

On the way over to the shop, Grady from SC tries carrying the sewing machine in the local style. Pretty good, huh?

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