Friday, January 17, 2014

Breaking Ground

Wednesday we had the first session of our videoconferencing program with a wonderful middle school in CA. It was the fruit of several months of planning and preparation, and for the first time brought a group of our students face-to-face with their counterparts on the West Coast. 

Miliste, our 'anchorman,' makes first contact.

Our representatives from the first year of secondary school - that's Diversine and Jean-Gady in front. They had the chance to talk about their school, classes, and generally introduce themselves.

Needless to say, it was very exciting for all involved.

A special thank-you to Jim and his team in CA, who made this possible.


  1. How exciting to have this connection! Way to go Jim, the equipment hassles were worth the wait!

  2. I am a French teacher at Worcester Academy in Massachusetts. I am interested in connecting my students with yours through the French language. I learned about your school through a colleague, Marilyn Earley, who is trying to bring two of your students to our school for two weeks this summer! please contact me at: wendy.perkins