Friday, January 3, 2014

Health Ed

Last week a group of medical students from Port-au-Prince visited us, led by Dr. Joey Lamarre - a former Espwa kid and now a first-year resident physician at the general hospital in Les Cayes.

The students have been doing this for a few years now, spending a week with the children here as an annual service project. They teach the basics of public health, germs and parasites, self-care, hygiene, and other topics. At the end of the trip they met with Espwa staff to present their observations and suggestions.

It's great for the kids, it's a good experience for the med students, and it's encouraging for us to see Dr. Joey and how the seeds of his time at Espwa have blossomed into such a wonderful collaboration on this scale.

Here are some pictures of the young doctors at work: (they're really good with the kids!)

There was a song-and-dance to this one. Don't remember the words though.

Basics of epidemiology here.

I think I disrupted the lesson.

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