Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Afrika School

Two of our older Espwa students, Delince and Daniel, have been running their own school in town for over a year. The Afrika School employs a number of young teachers, including fellow Espwa students, who teach cooking and dance to a couple hundred students who come from all over Les Cayes. They rent the school building on the weekends and act as the Principle (Daniel) and Vice Principle (Delince) for its operations.

The Afrika School is one of Espwa's great success stories and we look forward to more successes like Delince and Daniel's as so many of our older boys transition to their lives outside of Espwa next year. Delince and Daniel say their main goal in running the school is to give back to the community. They are both very talented dancers with cooking skills. Congratulations on your continued success, Dillence and Daniel! We are so proud of you.

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