Saturday, May 30, 2015

Fi Ki Fo Grows!

Our friends from D.C. wrapped up the program this week with a ceremony honoring each of the girls for their participation and engagement. After days of meaningful discussions about gender in Haiti and in the US, watching Mulan together, fun games with friends, and time spent getting to know one another better they were sad to leave. The girls will continue to write to their pen pals and the program will continue to grow with Kate staying behind as one of the new guest house managers.

The "Write to Be" program and Kate will continue working with the directors at Espwa to make sure the girls are exposed to opportunities that will help them with their futures. They are committed to being an important part of their lives and development. This program and the past week filled our girls with hope and strength to continue working on their studies, supporting and encouraging one another and figuring out how they can give back to their communities. Thanks again, "Write to Be" for helping our girls understand what it means to be a fi ki fo!

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