Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Introducing Pizza Pa M

Everyone's favorite guest house student chefs, Gedna and Sam, are known among volunteers for their delicious pizza. This weekend, they introduced the rest of Les Cayes to their unique product. To celebrate International Labor Day, dozens of local vendors, artists, and restaurants gathered for a three day festival complete with musical performances and ice cream trucks. Gedna and Sam teamed up with some of their Espwa buddies and premiered Pizza Pa M, their very own tent at the festival.

Many Espwa folks came out to support Gedna and Sam, and many new customers tried their pizza for the first time. The boys worked endless hours this weekend, taking shifts sleeping and working late into the night. They gained a lot of valuable teamwork and business skills, and they pooled their resources and worked together to earn some money and get their name out. Way to go Gedna and Sam, and everyone who helped pull this off. One questions I'm sure everyone's asking-- can you deliver to the United States??

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