Sunday, March 15, 2009


Above are a couple of shots of our nursery and a long shot of the new children's garden. We are rotating about 50 kids in the garden project so that they all get a chance at seeing how the planting of seeds with the right mix of water and compost can produce food. This is important in a country that was once the agricultural center of the Caribbean exporting to Europe and North America but is now purchasing most food products from the Dominican Republic and the states.


  1. Father Marc, Espwa is such a special place. You are potentially raising the future leaders of Haiti. Do the kids also learn about the Haitian political system? So as to someday become involve and maybe some may be in the position to become leaders and help bring further change to the country?

  2. The farm looks beautiful. What a blessing to help Haiti feed it's people. I know you can raise a lot of food in a little space. My parents had a small area to garden in. They raised enough for fresh food all summer and canning for winter. This knowledge goes a long way. It is great for the kids.
    Rita Hunter