Thursday, March 19, 2009

Robenson Georges

Robenson (five years old) is handicapped from birth. He can only manage to sit up. He lives with his pregnant mother in a small shack not far from here. Mom has to work to buy food and other essentials so she has to leave Robenson at home alone for hours at a time. Occasionally, neighbors check in on him. When Will dropped by one day Robenson was covered with insects and filthy. We will be hiring the mother to do light work here with us and she'll be bringing him along. Our carpenters will make him a small upholstered chair so he'll be able to see his mother and the other children. This is what you support by your generosity to us. God bless.


  1. I'm so glad you could help. The care of a child with disabilities here in the States is daunting, but in Haiti it must seem insurmountable.

  2. I am the music teacher in a school with a teacher who works with such children and I have seen miracles worked out slowly over time. In days and weeks and months, there seems to be no progress, but the progress over years is remarkable. No high tech gadgets, no tricks, just enthusiasm, love, structure, reinforcement and patience and never ever giving up.

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