Thursday, April 8, 2010

Mami Minique and her grandsons

Mami, Valdouvio and Valerie
You've seen Mami here before.  She picks up trash around our property and we provide her with food.  She introduced me to her grandsons, Valdouvio (18 y/o) and Valerie (almost 12).  Valerie attends our Primary School and is an excellent student though he has no books or school materials.  He borrows from others and still manages excellent grades.  Valdouvio was too late to register for high school this year but will be attending our Secondary School in the fall.  They live in a shack not far from us and are completely dependent on others for food, clothing and medical care.  We'll try and find a job for Valdouvio so that they can at least have a little cash to purchase personal items.

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