Friday, April 16, 2010

At long last

Delivery of four three-wheeled vehicles was made last night.  In the photo above Deacon Peter is driving one of the new BUVs, basic utility vehicles, made possible by a grant from Pam Reidy.  We have four.  One each for the clinic, agriculture, general purpose and the Guest House.  These are designed for developing countries and we will be putting them to the test.


  1. Awesome looking rig. Wish we could find one here for use on our land.
    Steve in Door County, Wisconsin

  2. Wow! How great a gift. Are they gas or electric driven? I'm sure they will help to make work easier in all areas.
    Blessed Be to Pam Reidy.

  3. Ride'em cowboy, Peter!

  4. We had a choice between gas or diesel. We chose diesel as it is available and they tend to last longer down here. They are workhorses, slow and steady.