Friday, April 23, 2010


The young woman I wrote about is called Scheilla (pronounced just like Sheila) and she's eighteen years old, is five months pregnant and had not eaten for four days.  She has no one to care for her and can't find a job.  Her sister was contacted but she has children and can't provide for Scheilla.  We brought her some food which she barely touched.  The doctor spoke harshly with her about caring for her unborn child and Scheilla just cried.  We are trying to find a shelter for her but it doesn't look good at all.


  1. Hey guys,
    Paula from Mqt here...would you like me to talk with Tom Braak who Jackson and the girls went to live with in Verette? He happens to be here in Mqt visiting for the next few me if so ASAP or call 9063459333

  2. "In Union there is Strength"
    ~Real equality, love, hope and order for all Haitians~

    Jim Sorrell
    Spokane, WA