Wednesday, April 21, 2010

L.L. Bean

Here's Dokte Cynthia opening the large, ruggedly attractive L.L. Bean bags that were donated to us.  Down the road a piece from where I grew up is Freeport, Maine,  home of L.L. Bean.  Used to go there at all hours when it was still just a warehouse.  It's changed alot but the standards haven't.  Great quality backed up by a terrific return policy.  If you are thinking of purchasing any outdoor gear, remember L.L. Bean.  Support our supporters.
I reread my words up above and it sounds like a commercial.  So what?  We are grateful for their generosity.


  1. Awesome Fr. Marc! I also love L.L. Bean! Having grown up in Wisconsin their winter goods and apparel were sought after! Beautiful blue bags indeed! Good for traveling...

  2. Also the bags are full of sneakers and shoes donated by New Balance, another great Maine company!
    Dokte Cynthia

  3. The "commercial" is well-deserved in view of the generosity of L.L.Bean to Espwa.
    Steve in Door County, Wisconsin