Sunday, April 25, 2010

Saturday morning ritual

It has become routine to see the boys (and girls occasionally) picking up trash on Saturday morning right alongside Ryan.  We try and provide some incentives as having a clean yard is not quite enough for these kids.  Thanks to Ryan and his faithfulness in this little project we have an attractive area for at least one day a week. 


  1. I saw something on TV this weekend about a Peace Corps volunteer that had children collect plastic bottles and fill them with collected trash, they then constructed a school building by building walls with these bottles then applying concrete ( stucco) to the outside. A neat way to keep the countryside clean and build a structure. Maybe someone might want to build themselves a house down your way?


  2. Hey, Bob
    The story you saw was seen by Rita Hunter who passed the info on to us. The children are filling up plastic water bottles with trash, collecting them and we plan to build something with them. I promised the one who brings in the most bottles a huge prize so the children are very enthusiastic. My best to Paula.


  3. "In Union there is Strength"
    ~Real equality, love, hope and order for all Haitians~

    Jim Sorrell
    Spokane, WA