Sunday, April 17, 2011

Brother Robert Anthony

Brother Robert seen here checking on a wounded boy's foot.  Gotta expect these when you run around barefoot.  Why are they barefoot?  At times cause that's what the kids prefer but most often the kids go barefoot to save the wear and tear on their shoes or sneakers or sandals.  They do not have multiple footgear because our budget just doesn't allow it.  Wish we could.


  1. On the shoe problem, help is on the way. St Cecilia School (K-8th grade) did a shoe drive for ESPWA and we will be shipping over 800 pairs of shoes! 500 are brand new!
    The kids really embraced the project, especially considering that the school has less than 300 students.
    Chuck Tozzer

  2. That's wonderful Chuck!! The kids will be so happy. God bless you and the families at St. Cecilias.