Sunday, April 10, 2011

Tiburon meeting

Tiburon community leaders met with Zach, Paige and me yesterday in one of the classrooms of our school there.  Needs were discussed and possible solutions presented.  We're working on a grant to fund disaster risk reduction.  Every major storm that passes our way has a terrible impact on the major sources of income for this region---jobs are lost; equipment destroyed; crops are washed away.  The people of Tiburon know what needs to be done but have no resources available to them.  This grant would be a step in the right direction towards a more sustainable economic future.  Keep us in your prayers.

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  1. Great pictures and story. I feel as if I came along to Tburon. Employment - What types of talent could be put to work.
    On another note there are tons of things made from Bamboo in shops here in the states. Does that hold any promise for Haiti.