Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Recycling- Alternative charcoal

Andre Dallaire, the bearded gentleman above, is from Quebec.  He's with us to train some of our graduates in making charcoal from paper, cardboard, trash, wood chips and sawdust.
Andre has been involved with Haiti over forty years and has worked full-time these last twelve years fighting against the deforestation of Haiti.  Benefits: a cleaner campus, savings (as we'll be buying less and less wood charcoal), job creation and a clean conscience as we won't be contributors to the real problem of deforestation of the mountainsides. 


  1. Have you considered using your excellent welding shop guys to fabricate some solar cookers?

  2. Fantastic. Anything that helps prevent deforestation and cleans up the enviroment and produces employment. Win/win all around.
    Is there any opportunity to start
    a company that would put people to work creating items - solar cookers etc. that could bring employment and help Haiti? Can making carcoal out of the trash be taught to people in the community as an outreach. They could earn some money then.
    So many questions.

  3. Fr. Marc,
    I think it would be helpful to add the "Donate, click here" button to your blog. I know that it's on the Free the Kids site, but I think adding it to you blog will make donations easier.

    Keep up the great work!