Sunday, April 10, 2011

Charcoal Problem

Here's a traditional cooking system.  It's also the most inefficient use of charcoal as the heat dissipates in all directions.  There are far better stoves available which would cut back on charcoal usage but the folks can't afford them.
 Our own Fery stands next to a pile of mangrove trees which were recently cut from a wetlands area just outside the town.  The pile will be organized and straw added to cover it.  It will then be set on fire and covered with dirt to produce charcoal.
A couple of ladies bagging the charcoal made from the wetlands' trees.  The menfolk were out cutting more trees when we took this photo.  They used to be fishermen but their boats were lost when a major storm hit last year and this is the only way for them to make some money.
Charcoal-making is the principal reason for cutting down the trees in Haiti which leaves the mountains denuded and incapable of withholding the waters whenever it rains so floods happen regularly now.  The people know this but have to feed their families so charcoal-making continues until an alternative source of income can be found.

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