Thursday, April 21, 2011


Paige, her team and our visitors went to Tiburon again on Tuesday to deliver food to our school there. They came back with Ezekiel who is 16.  Ezekiel was asleep on the floor of his family home when his father picked up a pot of some freshly boiled beans to move it.  He tripped and spilled the beans on Ezekiel, just below the waist, resulting in third-degree burns.  Ezekiel was in excruciating pain but the family had no money to bring him to a clinic or hospital.  Paige brought him to the Les Cayes General Hospital and then the Baptist Hospital.  Yesterday his wounds were cleaned and scraped with no anesthesia-- unbelievable.  Took him back here where our nurses will change his bandages twice daily and make sure he gets the proper doses of antibiotics and pain killers.  He looks amazingly well considering what he's been through.

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