Thursday, April 7, 2011


Sweet, meek, mild, Jean Raymond came to Espwa today with his Mother asking for medical assistance. Jean Raymond has lived his nine little years with this lip.

When I saw Jean Raymond I immediately thought of my youngest sister. My baby sister was born with a syndrome that blessed her with a pharangyeal flap in the back of her throat instead of showing on her lip. Because she was born in the United States, at age two, she was able to have a surgery to close the pallet, and after speech therapy, she was transformed into a typical little girl. But not Jean Raymond. I can't help but think...

We complain, we make comments, we hate it. But what is the alternative? Nine years of discomfort and people looking at you funny?
So what do we do? We look for a doctor from the good old U-S-of-A to help Jean Raymond out.
A doctor from the healthcare system we complain about, but keeps our children from suffering fixable pains.

                                                                                            --- from Paige's blog


  1. Please let us know how we can financially help pay for Jean Raymond's medical expenses

  2. There is a group that does this kind of Surgery all over the World called Smile Train. I wonder if they ever come to Haiti.

  3. Smile Train is one of my favorite charities. Please try them.

  4. Smile Train has periodically been in touch with us to ask if we knew of any children who need help. Now that we know about Jean we can let then know about him. They do come to the Les Cayes area sometimes.

  5. A friend has provided the contact info for Smile Train so we are working on this now. Thanks.