Wednesday, December 8, 2010

CHAOS and CRISIS in Haiti

Announcement was made last evening that Mrs. Manigat and Jude Celestin were the two presidential candidates in the January run-off election.  The public reaction was swift.  Roads were blocked by burning tires and trees; crowds with machetes in their hands starting roaming the streets; government tax offices and the customs office were burnt and looted here in town; MINUSTAH troops have been run off in fear for their safety; the Provisional Elections Office was attacked; at least two local people have been shot (by MINUSTAH forces we are told).
Paige and Nathalie are here at Castel-Pere where they'll remain until things calm down a bit.  Our visitors from Springfield, MO are all well and helping us.  Two Cross International folks and two Shelter2Home reps are here.
The situation in the south is very volatile so please keep us all in your prayers.


  1. Bishop Sheen always said "It is better to light one candle than to curse the darkness." There is so much darkness in Haiti. You must sometimes feel as though whatever light you provide for all those kids is so fragile that it will blow out in an instant. I will pray that your light keeps burning. And I pray for your safety.

  2. This seems to be exactly what Haiti did not need right now. You are all in my prayers, as always.

  3. Prayers for all of you, Father Marc.