Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Small candle

Berthony Constant, Director of Pwoje Espwa Sud, with local development team
"Better to light a small candle than curse the darkness" is a necessary way to look at things down here if one wants to avoid frustration or worse.  During the manifestations when all roads were blocked and violence erupted in major urban areas (like our own Les Cayes), the people of Madame Combe worked together to build this small bridge enabling locals to cross a healthy stream.  We helped with the purchase of some cement bags and rebar.  We believe it very important to support the people when they work to help themselves.  Many of our school children now have a shorter walk to get to school.  The image of Haitians working together to better their situation is not what makes the news so I was  prompted to post this


  1. thanks for the posting- it is good to see some normalcy and progress amidst reports of so much strife.

  2. Typically, the bad guys get to press so it's important to show what the good guys can do.

  3. I'm sure that every day in the world much more good happens then bad. Thank you for showing us.