Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The saga continues

I was at my computer when I received a call that there was a mob approaching our campus.  I walked out to meet them and quickly saw Peter and Paige alongside me.  It was intimidating as there were about three shotguns, several old rifles, a few handguns and lots of angry faces.  Many expressed frustration because their candidate, Michel Martelly (Sweet Mickey), is not in the run-off election for president. They were asking for vehicles and food.  The obvious leader came to me and asked for food which I explained could be done if order was maintained.  Others shouted out their demands but the leader was calm.  He pulled me aside and bluntly asked for some money.  I explained that our money was off site but I had a few dollars in my pocket.  Gave him the cash and he smiled.  Turning to the crowd, he ordered them to get moving which they did. 
No one was hurt and we're only out a few bucks.  Thank you for your prayers.


  1. Is there anything we can do besides pray?

  2. Prayers always, my heart is with you, please stay safe.

  3. My husband I are are member of Our Lady of Holy Hope in Castine, ME. We always pray for you, Father, and hold you close in our hearts. May Our Lord keep you and everyone in your city safe and comforted by His great love and mercy!!!

    Patty Gross
    Penobscot, Maine

  4. Praying for the Haitian people and everyone at Proje Espwa.

  5. Praying for your safety and peace for haiti

  6. What brave souls you are. Stay vigilant...know there are many here sending positive vibes your way.